Our philosophy

Resource efficient management 
Sustainability is a long-term strategic success factor, not only for Englisch Dekor, but also for our suppliers and customers

As a company with a long tradition, we are committed to sustainability. Our customers and users of our products also expect us to act sustainably as a company and to make our contribution to a future worth living. We express this in our daily actions and thinking - also in our corporate philosophy. That is why we focus on resource-friendly production, renewable energy, a good CO2 balance and sustainable products. In addition, we use recyclable packaging material for our durable products, which is free of harmful color ingredients and can therefore be recycled without a doubt. In our office, much emphasis is placed on mindful management to keep the ecological footprint as low as possible. This thought is also reflected in our products, which are partly made of  recycled material as well as recycled PET bottles.



What we do

Self-sufficient power supply

with solar power from our photovoltaic system

Charging stations & mobility

vehicle fleet successively converted to electric vehicles with own e-charging stations

CO2 Savings

through resource-efficient production and responsible business management

Paperless work

due to the focus on electrical communication