englisch dekor textilverlag

Dates and Facts

The company was founded in 1866 in Vienna by Eduard August Englisch, and still carries his name. Today the company is under the management of the 4th generation of the Fleischmann family. Over the past two decades the trading house has evolved into a strongly growing fabric editor, taking both textile design and product developement into its own hands.

englisch dekor takes pride in its service, being able to offer its customers the greatest possible selection and prompt delivery all over the world of both large and small quantities at great value.

Today, our company spans a radius of more than 80 countries, and it is expanding daily.
Our staff’s personal commitment and innovative resourcefulness are the driving force behind the continuing successful internationalisation of the venerable brand.

Design and Product-development

Ask “What is contemporary style?” and you will get a thousand right answers.

Today’s lifestyles run parallel, each and every one subject to its own dynamics. Both modern and traditional fabrics have to stand the test of reinterpretation.

The challenge our designers face is not only to keep up with the current trends, but to think a step further. Together with our teams we develop collections with new materials, qualities and textures. We think about innovative care solutions and new qualities or meet customers, to weave their special wishes.